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3* AA SS Carlisle R C 8th March 2020 Judge Mr Andrew Beasley

March 2020 we held our spring stock show at Carlisle. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get any photos.

No one could have imagined what was about to happen. The world in general was thrown into turmoil . Covid 19 raised it's ugly head. All shows one, by one, was force to cancel. There was no Agricultural shows.

Not to be beaten,Rabbit Breeders got together to organise on line shows. The 1st for the NFDLC was, what should have be the YSS always held at the West Midlands Champs Show. August Bank Holiday.

                                                         August Virtual NFDLC SS
To add a little twist to the norm, it was decided there would be 8 Judges selected from the non breeder panel. They would all be sent photos of entries. they would each allocate points to each exhibit. All points where then added together which gave us our winners. 

                             Best in Show
               Best French Lop S &H Elliot

                          Best Dwarf Lop
                      Charlton Ellul (Malta)

                  Cole Sargent Best Junior

        On the left Lilly Jones Best Novice.                                         Junior

 Virtual Show in conjunction with the London Judge Mrs Hazel Elliot Oct.2020

       Best French Lop Ag B/F Ad "Bonito
                        Rossendale Stud

                              Best in Show
                Best Dwarf Lop Rew "Hugo"
                             Paula Atkinson