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Secretaries Report Oct 2021

Hi Everyone

I for one am delighted to get back out to the shows again as I'm sure most of you are. The London was a great weekend to catch up with each other, it did feel just as it always does, well done to the show committee. We held the only real stock show this year & Hazel judged for us. Best Dwarf lop & BIS went to a smart young agouti belonging to Kevin Wakefield, best French went to Lorraine Dobson's adult agouti bfly, well done to you both. On the London side best French went to Gemma Bower's adult agouti & best dwarf to my young REW, well done Gemma, he did well for you in the lop challenges. As you all will know my youngster went on to become the London BIS rabbit which was a wonderful end to the weekend for me.

I am hoping to sort out a few stock shows for next year, our first show should be the spring SS held at the Southern Champs in early May. Then we have special 5*shows at "The Great British Rabbit Show" a 6*event, beginning of July, at Newark, hopefully this will be our YSS with adult support. Our judge for the special shows will be Susan Stephen. I have already requested the show at the London & hoping to sort the ASS in November, venue to be confirmed.

The AGM will be held as usual at The Bradford in January, announcement in January F&F, which we receive around Christmas time.

Hope you all have a great Christmas this year, after the non-event of 2020.  Stay safe everyone, it's still very much out there, sadly.

Paula, secretary. Contact me by email paula@sprma.com phone 07762 668829 or fb messenger.

Secretaries report Apr 2021

Hi Everyone

April and starting to gradually come out of lockdown at last, hoping we will get to some actual shows maybe in the next few months, fingers crossed.

Meanwhile we had another virtual show alongside Carlisle rabbit club virtual on March 14th, thank you to Ros Waring for judging for us. Not a huge entry with 18 dwarfs & 9 Frenchies. BOB French & BIS Sarah & Hazel Elliott's steel bfly adult, BOB dwarf & RUBIS was my REW adult. Sarah & Hazel were also BIS in the Carlisle open show with their other adult French, & their Alaska was Best Fur, congratulations to you both. Well Done also to Leah Peck who was BOB Dwarf lop with her REW in the Carlisle open show.

Results for the Bradford virtual show, BOB French & RU best lop Sarah & Hazel again with their lovely steel bfly, BOB Dwarf & 3rd in the lop challenge was the REW of Forever & Solo, which was my best rabbit from the section I judged, a good win from 48 dwarf lops entered of which 27 were REWs!!

Sadly as the Southern champs has been cancelled again that would have been our next show, here's hoping the West Midlands champs can go ahead at the end of August, & we can hold the YSS

Hopefully see some of you during the summer, Paula. contact me by email paula@sprma.com tel 01942 493658 mob 07762 668829


Secretaries report Nov 2020

Hi Everyone,

Last notes I did were at the beginning of April, 1 week into lockdown, now 1st November & we are going back there again in a few days, sadly.

We missed the show at the Southern Champs, but Sarah decided she would run an online, virtual stock show at the end of August when we would normally have our YSS. So, it was one show with 3 age groups & 8 judges from our open panel, the results were calculated from the placings each individual judge awarded, a full report on the show with photos of the winners was in October F&F. BIS & best French lop was Sarah & Hazel’s steel bfly adult, RUBIS & best dwarf lop went to Charlon Ellul with a REW adult, well done to you all. Charlon is one of our Maltese club members, who has had quite a bit of success at our virtual shows, gaining BIS at the Carlisle summer virtual show as well.

We also had a virtual show alongside the London, thanks to Emma Brasier & her team for organising the London & all the stock shows, what a huge entry there was! Hazel judged this for us & my REW was BIS & BOB dwarf lop, RUBIS went to Forever & Solo with a sooty fawn dwarf lop, Rossendale stud’s agouti bfly French lop was BOB & overall 3rd in the Grand Challenge.

As it stands at the moment our next real show will be at the Southern Champs in May 2021, hoping this will go ahead.

All subs paid this year will also cover next year, so this year’s membership will just roll over to 2021. This year would have been a ballot year, but we have obviously decided to postpone it to next year, the information about the ballot will be in August 2021 F&F.

Hoping everyone can make the most of whatever sort of Christmas we can have this time, looking forward to the New Year bringing better times for us all & in the meantime everyone follow the guidelines & stay safe.

Best wishes, Paula. Contact me by email paula@sprma.com tel 01942 493658, mob 07762 668829

Secretaries report Jan. 2020

Hi Everyone

Had a great weekend at The Bradford again, hope everyone else also enjoyed it, thanks as always to Laura & the committee for all your hard work.

BOB Dwarf lop was my REW & BOB French was Maggie Smith’s Steel Butterfly, they came overall 2nd & 3rd respectively in the Lop Challenge, beaten by the Mini Lop of Forever & Solo Stud, well done to Susan & Jenny, who were best lop in the 3*young show with a REW Dwarf Lop which went on to win overall BIS, huge well done what a weekend they had !! A mention also to the orange dwarf lop of Elegante Stud, on the Sunday was Best lop in the International Stakes, eventually ending up 2nd overall, great to see an orange do so well, congratulations to the 3 girls, Jen, Julie & Nat.

AGM was held at Bradford as usual, main issues to come out of the meeting was that we are no longer paying out prize money at our stock shows & we are changing the wording for the steel colour in our breed standard, to allow the light steel colour to be included.

Stock shows all sorted for this year, first one is at Carlisle, Sunday, 8th March, Andrew Beasley judging. Then we have the Spring Stock show at the Southern Champs, Sunday 3rd May, Bill Brake judging.

Young stock show with adult support show as usual at the West Midlands Champs, Sunday 30th August, Jenny Carlile judging, London stock show, Saturday 10th October, Hazel Elliott judging. Last show of the year, the 3 age group Adult Stock show, will be held in conjunction with the Nat Mini 25th Anniversary show, Coventry, Sat 28th November & Garry Richardson will be our judge.

If you didn’t manage to catch me to pay subs at Bradford, you can contact me to pay by bank transfer or send a cheque, unfortunately I don’t do Paypal.

Hope to see some of you at Carlisle, Nat Mini & Northern lop also there, so a good show for the loppers!

Paula Atkinson, Secretary. Tel 07762 668829 or 01942 493658, email paula@sprma.com

Secretaries end of year report 2019

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all having a great Christmas & have remembered to post your Bradford entries. We held our last stock show of the year at Worcester on 17th November, BIS went to Rossendale stud’s black butterfly Frenchie, from the year bred adult class & RUBIS was my REW dwarf lop also a year bred adult, no junior members exhibiting this time.

In this issue also is our AGM announcement, all are welcome, Sunday morning at 10am, Doncaster. Look forward to seeing everybody at Doncaster in just a few weeks time.

Our first stock show of the year will be held at Carlisle, alongside the Northern Lop, Sunday 8th March.

Paula. Contact me on 07762 668829 (landline 01942 493658) email paula@sprma.com

Secretaries end of year report 2018

Hi Everyone

Hope you have all had an enjoyable Christmas & New Year topped off by a great weekend at Bradford!

We held the final stock show of the year in Manchester at the Bury/Radcliffe Show on 16th December, Christine Terry was our judge, not a huge entry, as of late, with 17 French & 20 dwarfs, just a couple of each breed absent on the day. Best dwarf lop & BIS was my REW adult &Best French, RUBIS was the agouti adult of Rossendale Stud, Best Junior in show Lucy Appleton with her REW dwarf, Well Done. Also well worthy of a mention, Congratulations to Lilybee Stud on winning their first BIS on the Bury show with a young agouti French doe.

Now that we have the ballot results the stock show judges have been sorted for this year :-  March 10th Carlisle, Mona Cawdron, May 5th Southern Champs, Andrew Lipski, August 25th West Midlands Champs, YSS with adult support, Sarah Elliott, October 12th London Champs, Paula Atkinson & 17th November Worcester, ASS, Kevin Wakefield.

Hopefully the ballot results have been printed again in this edition of F&F due to the open panel results being missed off in the last one, in error.

Looking forwards to seeing you all at the shows in March & May.

Secretary, Paula Atkinson tel 01942 493658, mobile 07762 668829. Email paula@sprma.com

Secretaries end of year report 2017

Hi All

There have been 2 stock shows in the last couple of months. Firstly the London, Mrs Hannah Every judged for us, a good entry of 55 dwarfs & 40 French, BOB Dwarf lop & RUBIS was my REW adult, BOB French & BIS was Kellians stud with an u/5 Bfly doe, Best junior went to Lucy Appleton with her sooty fawn dwarf. The other show was our 40th Anniversary special show held at Coventry as part of the All Lop Show, another good entry of 52 dwarf lops & 35 French awaited our judge Simon Whincup. BOB Dwarf lop went to Bluezak stud with a 17 rung adult REW, BOB French & BIS was Kellians stud again with yet another u/5 Bfly, they were also RUBIS with their agouti French, best junior went to Hayden Hutchinson with his REW dwarf lop. The Bfly French was the eventual champion of champions from all the stock shows & Hayden’s dwarf overall best junior. Very well done to Kellians stud, Hayden, Lucy & all the other winners from the shows.

We are producing a Year Book to be ready for Bradford weekend & would like any articles you may have or adverts (see the website for details) to be emailed to Hazel Elliott, her email is hazel@sarazel.com by 1st January 2018.