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  National French & Dwarf Lop Club

French Lop Standard.

                                                                                   Agouti French Lop Photo courtesy of Phil Batey                

Ring Size H                                                                                                           Points

Type                                                                                                                              30  

Head Crown Ears & Eyes                                                                                      35

Coat                                                                                                                               15

Condition                                                                                                                    10                                                                                         

Colour                                                                                                                          10


Total                                                                                                                             100


As large as Possible. Minimum Adult Weight 4.54 kg (10lb)

No maximum weight for adults or under five months.


Massive thick set & firm

The body should be short, broad,& well muscled with little visible neck. The line of the back rises in a curve to a well muscled  rump which is short & well rounded.

The chest is broad & deep providing curved sides where it meets the shoulders which are broad & strong.

The front legs are thick, short & straight. The legs are short, strong powerful & there hind legs carried parallel to the body

The tail is straight , strong,  & well furred

A small dewlap is permissible in bucks but not favourable dewlaps larger in does.

Head, Crown,  Ears, & Eyes

Head  Well developed  particularly in bucks. Good width between the eyes. Full cheeks & broad muzzle are desirable.

Crown  The basil ridge of   the ears should appear prominent  across the top of the skull.

Ears  Should be broad, thick,  well furred & rounded at the ends. They should be carried close to the cheeks, giving a horseshoe like outline when viewed from the front. The inside of the ears should not be visible from any angle when carried correctly The ears are not measured.

Eyes  Round & Bright

Coat  Roll back dense with plenty of guard hairs. Legs & pads to be well furred.

Condition    Condition  to be firm & healthy.

Faults  Poorly muscled, lacking firmness, loose skin over hind legs. Body to long & or too lean.

Head not sufficiently characteristic of the breed. Pimpled or damaged ears. Poor ear carriage. Crown not developed Fly back coat. Bowed or splayed legs. Excessive white hairs in a coloured exhibits. White tail in a sooty fawn & putty noses (excessive white hairs in nose & top lip).

Disqualifications  Adult weight under kg 4.535 (10lb) Malocclusion of teeth. White toe nails in coloured exhibits.