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Dwarf Lop Standard

                                                                 Rew Dwarf Lop Photo courtesy of H Elliott 

Rig size C                                                                                                      Points

General, & Condition                                                                                      30

Head Crown & Ears                                                                                         25

Coat                                                                                                                        20

Guard Hairs                                                                                                        10

Colour                                                                                                                    15

Total                                                                                                                     100


Maximum Kgs 2.381 5lb.4ozs    Minimum  Kgs 1.93 4lb 4ozs

Type. Body short with well rounded loins, Deep chest and wide shoulders, giving a cobby well muscled appearance. short strong legs

Head, Crown, Ears, and Eyes.


Well developed particular in Bucks. Good width between the eyes. Full Cheeks and broad muzzle are desirable.

Crown The basil ridge of the ears should  appear prominent across the top of the skull.

Ears Should be broad, thick, and well furred and rounded at the ends. They should be carried close to the cheeks giving a horseshoe like outline when viewed from the front.

Eyes Round and bright

Coat Coat to be dense and a good length rollback with abundance of guard hairs.

Faults Narrow shoulders, long in the body,narrow head

Ears carried back or not properly lopped, coat to soft or fly back, excessive white hairs in a coloured exhibit, light tails  in Sooties.

Disqualifications Weight over maximum, poor condition, Malocclusion. Runny eyes, odd coloured or wall eyes, putty nose. Bunches of white hairs or white toe nails in coloured exhibits.