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White As pure White as possible. eyes Ruby Red or Blue

Black A deep lustrous solid Black carried well down the hair shaft with Blue or Slate under colour. Eyes dark Hazel or Black

Blue Deep  solid Slate Blue to be carried well down the hair shaft. Eyes dark Blue.

Brown Dark Brown carried well down the hair shaft. Slate Blue under colour. Eyes Brown.

Agouti Pattern

Agouti A rich Chestnut shade top with Black ticking over an intermediate Orange band and dark Slate under colour. Ears laced Black, eye circles, belly and under tail White with slate Blue under colour .Pale top colour a fault.

Chinchilla The under colour to be dark Slate Blue at the base, intermediate portion pearl (Slate to be wider than Pearl) with Black narrow line edging to be clearly defined. Top Grey brightly ticked with Black hairs  even or wavy ticking admissible, Neck fur to be lighter in colour than body but strictly confined to nape. Flanks and chest ticked with uniform shade of Pearl lighter than the body. Eye circles light Grey. ears laced Black

Opal  Top colour pale shade of Blue over an intermediate Fawn band and Slate under colour. Belly colour White with Slate under colour. 


Sooty Fawn -Even shade of Orange/ Fawn top colour to carry well down hair shaft gradually shading to a Bluish - White under colour Eyes, belly .under tail to be Bluish, Black Cheeks, and  flanks. to be shaded / topped with Sooty tips. Eyes Hazel.

Faults  To dark top colour, light tails, White to nails a serious fault.

Siamese Sable. Medium very rich Sepia on ears ,face, back, out side of legs and upper side of tail shading to a paler  under colour. Saddle colour shading off  to a considerable paler colour on flanks and body. The dark face colour to shade off from the eyes to jowl to blend with the chest and flanks. All blending to be gradual ,avoiding any blotches or streaks  and consisting of a soft and varied diffusion of sepia shadings. Eyes have to have a distinct Ruby glow.

Light -as medium ,but colour to be a rich sepia.

Dark -as medium, but colour to be  very rich dark sepia'

Faults Brown eyes, White hairs.

Siamese Smoke Saddle to extend from nape to tail to be Smoke in colour shading to pale Grey Beige on flanks,chest and belly.

Head Ears Feet and upper side of tail to match saddle as near as possible. All shadings to be gradual, to avoid blotches or steaks. Under colour to match surface colour as near as near as possible following the varied shading through out. Eyes to have a distinctive Ruby glow.

Faults - brown eyes, white hairs.

Sealpoint. A deep rich Sepia Brown on ears, nose (mask),feet and tail. Creamy light body colour. eyes to a distinctive Ruby glow.

Faults Brown Eyes to much colour on body, Iron Grey - disqualification.

Tan Pattern

Black Fox  To be a dark even Jet Black with under colour as dark as possible extending to the skin. The chest, flanks and feet to be well and evenly tipped, with Silver tipped guard hairs. Any extensions of the ticking up the side & over the back to be considered a thing of beauty and not a fault. The eye circles as neat as possible a pea spot in front of the base of each ear. Inside of ears and down the jaw line , underside of tail and body, all to be White Under colour permissible. Triangle behind the ears to be White but as small as possible Eyes Brown or Grey.

Blue Fox  To be medium Blue (even and sound)extending to the skin. Eyes to be Brown Blue or Grey.

Chocolate Fox  To be Dark Chocolate (even and sound) extending to the skin,top colour to  go down as far as possible, under colour to be Slate, Eyes to be Lilac, Brown, or Grey. Brown preferred.

Lilac Fox  To be Pinky-Dove top colour( even and sound) undercover to be dove Eyes to be Lilac with a Ruby glow.

Sable Marten Dark To be very rich dark Sepia on back, ears face and out side of tail, the saddle colour to be well down the sides and then shading off to a paler colour on flanks the dark face colour to shade of to blend with the chest and flanks, all blending to be gradual, avoiding blotches, or streaks and consisting of a soft and varied diffusion of sepia shadings, the dark colour on the back to extend from nape to tail The chest, flanks, rump and feet to be well ticked with no longer white hairs, any extension of white ticking to be free of white hairs. The light nape of the neck to be confined  to a triangle behind the ears and be as small as possible. colour to match the flanks. Eye circles, in side ears, line of jaw, belly colour and under side of tail to be White, General under colour to match surface colour as closely as possible, following the varied shading through out.

Marten Medium  Degrees of Sepia divide class

Marten Light        Degrees of Sepia divide class  

Other colours

Fawn  Bright rich Fawn carried well down the flanks, shading to a White belly. Colour to go well down the fur with a White undercoat . Excessive Black/Blue guard hairs a fault ree from black/ blue guard hairs. Eye circles, inside of ears, underside of jowl, belly and under tail to be White

Faults  Black/Blue guard hairs to be considered a serious fault.

Orange  Rich Orange free from ticking, belly white. White or Cream under colour Eyes Hazel.

Steel Dark  Steel Grey merging to a slate Blue under colour  medium bright and evenly ticked with the whole interspersed with Black guard hairs. Extreme tips of fur to be tipped  with Steel Blue or Grey The mixture to carry well down the sides ,flanks, and hind feet Belly colour to be lighter shade varying with the top colour, underside to tone with belly colour Ears to match body Eyes deep Hazel.

Butterfly  Pattern to be White and any colour allowed . The White markings around the nose to be such that leaves a distinct butterfly smut or has the shading on the Sooty Fawn. Ears to be coloured. The White should extend up wards from the chin and over the shoulders with  two spots one at each side of the shoulders called shoulder spots. A small V on the shoulders is permissible. No White to be present in the general body colouring. The Belly to be Whie- but teat spots permissible. White nose or smut is a pattern fault.

Faults Too many White hairs on nose or top lip.

Disqualifications Putty nose

Any other colours Any colour or pattern that confirms to the colour or pattern of recognised breeds . With the exception of the Broken / Mantle pattern.

Barring on front feet of coloured exhibits undesirable.