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  National French & Dwarf Lop Club

Championship Claims.


The club shall award a Championship certificate to any member owning a French or Dwarf Lop which qualifies as  


*  Has been awarded five CCs under club judges (Open or Breeder panel )

*  The CC must be awarded by five different Judges

*  Only one win under five months to count

*  There must be at least three entries on the CC unless supported by a Best of Breed Certificate (BOB) with more


    than 3 entries.

*  At least one CC must be awarded at a National or Circle Show.

Championships Certificates  will be made for Single, Double or Treble Championships with an Option of a Rosette as well.

The  club shall also award Supreme Championship Certificate to any member owning a French or Dwarf Lop which

qualifies as follows

*  Has been awarded seven Certificates of Merit  under club Judges (Open or Breeders Panel)

*  There must be at least 3 entries on the certificate of Merit.

*  There must be a minimum of five different club Judges with a maximum of 2 Certificates of Merit per Judge.

*  No CC or BOB awarded on the same day as a National French & Dwarf Lop Club Stock Show other than in the

Open Show or Lop Club/Circle at the same venue may be used to claim any Club Championship or Supreme

Championship Certificate.

*  To check the Judges Panel please follow the link to  Committee & Judges.

All claims will be issued by The Club Secretary.

There will a small Charge for these Championship Certificates

All Claims will be published on this web site