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  web master A E Crompton

Est 1977

  National French & Dwarf Lop Club

       Bradford 5* Premier Show Judge Both Breeds Mr W Brake January 18th/19th 2020
Lop Challenge Mr N Jeffries

              Best French Lop 3rd Best Lop                  Best Dwarf Lop Runner up Best Lop


                                                                                           Paula also went on to win Best Ladies Lop 

                                                                                                                                   3rd Best ladies Grand Challenge


               Maggie Smith Steel Butterfly                                    Paula Atkinson Rew

                                          Photos courtesy of BSLS Simon Benyon Many Thanks

                        Thanks to Leah Peck  for capturing 2 strong Dwarf Lop Classes
                                            that Judge Bill Brake had to sort through
                            Orange / Fawn                                                     Sooty /Fawn

      Bradford 3* under 5 show Judge Both Breeds Mr A Beasley January 18th /19th 2020


                           Best of Breed Dwarf Lop Rew


                                   Forever & Solo Stud


                                             Best Lop 

                                    Best in U/5 3* Show

                    Best French Lop Lily - Bee- Stud Agouti

                                            Photos courtesy of BSLS 

     Bradford 5* Premier Show Judge Both Breeds Mr P Batey 19th/20th January 2019

                       Best French Lop Rew  belonging to

                                        Maggie Smith

                   Also Best Lop International Stakes

             Runner up Best in show International Stakes

                            Photo courtesy of S Elliott

        Best Dwarf Lop Rew belonging to Forever- Solo

                    Susan Stephen & Jenny Carlisle

            Also Best Ladies Lop & Best overall Lop

                             Photo courtesy of BPSAS

            Pic above a cracking line up of Agoutis           Best Buck Gemma Bower Best Doe Lily Bee Stud Doe takes the CC

                           Pic below line up for Best of Breed the Rew was 1st, the Steel 2nd, & the Agouti Doe 3rd.

   All Photos by Sarah. sorry for the lack of Dwarf Lop pics, if any one has any Please let me have them Thanks Anne

                   A good selection of Steels to choose from                            Steel CC winner belonging to Rossendale Stud

            Bradford 3* Under 5 Show Judge Both Breeds, Mr S Whincup Jan 19th/20th 2019

                            Best of Breed  French Lop Lily- Bee Stud Ag                 Best of Breed Dwarf Lop 

                          Best Of Breeds Bradford 5* Show. 20th / 21st January 2018     

                          Judges French Lop Mr A Beasley Dwarf Lop Mrs J Bramley  

                                                         Photos courtesy of BSLS.

   Best of Breed

    French Lop

    Agouti Doe

 L ily-Bee Stud

     Well Done

Best of Breed

Dwarf Lop

Rew Buck

Forever Stud

Also Best Lop

Runner up Best in Show

Best Ladies

Well Done

                      Best Of Breed Bradford 3* Show 20th /21st January 2018

                                                   Judge Mr D Gallagher    

Best of Breed

Rew Dwarf Lop

Best Lop

3rd Best in Show

Paula Atkinson

         Best Junior Lop  2018                                Best Lop St Ledgers Stakes 2018

         Judge Mr S Germany                                             Judge Mr R Everett  

Best Junior Lop

Rew Dwarf Lop

Hayden Huchinson

3rd Best Junior in Show

Well Done

young man

Best Lop

St Ledgers Stakes

Brewery Stud

Agouti Dwarf Lop

well Done

              Best Of Breeds Bradford 21st /22nd January 2017 Judge Mrs P Atkinson

                                                         Photos Courtesy of BSLS

       Best of Breed French Lop Ag

                       E Chaffer

         Best of Breed Dwarf Lop S/F 

                          Bill Parish

                 Runner up Best Lop

      Best Junior Lop Dwarf Lop Rew

                 Hayden Hutchinson

    Runner up Best  Junior in Show

                       Bradford 5* Show 30th/ 31st January 2016 Judge Mr S Whincup

                                                                   Photos A E Crompton

                           Also Bradford 5* 2016. Forever Stud Best Ladies Lop. Hayden Hutchinson Best Junior Lop.

                                             Bradford 3* Paula Atkinson Dwarf Lop. Runner up best in show

Best of Breed

Sooty Fawn

Dwarf Lop

Mr W Parish

Runner up

Best Lop

Best of Breed


French Lop

Mrs M Smith

                      Bradford  5* January 2015  Judge Mr  Lypski Dups Mr W Parish

                                                                                 Photos  A E Crompton

      Best of Breed Dwarf Lop S/F

               Claire Mitchison

                  3rd Best Lop

                            Best Lop

Shoremont / Rossendale' Armstrong

     Best of Breed French Lop Agouti

        Shoremont/ Rossendale Stud

                         Best Lop

                                                            Bradford 2014 Photo A E Crompton

 Best of Breed

French Lop Rew

 Shoremont/ Rossendale Stud

Best of Breed Dwarf Lop Rew

                                          Forever Stud

                                This Rabbit went on to win

                                 Best Lop sorry no photo

                                                    Bradford 2013  Photos A E Crompton

      Best of Breed French Lop Steel

        Shoremont Rossendale Stud

                     Best Lop

                    Best Lop 2013

      Shoremont/ Rossendale's Stud's 

        Supreme Champion Graphite

    Runner up BOB French Lop Rew 

       Shoremont/ Rossendale Stud

         Best Lop St. Ledgers Stakes