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Est 1977

  National French & Dwarf Lop Club

           National French & Dwarf Lop 40th Anniversary Show  19th November 2017

                                                     Judge Mr Simon Whincup

                                              All photos courtesy of Neil Robertson

                                  All National Stock Clubs held Stock Shows,

            The Best in Show from each club came together to be Judged by 

                                                          Mr Derek Medlock.

                              To find The Champion of Champion. This went to

                                                               Kellians Stud

with there Agouti Butterfly U/5 A wonderful achievement for The French Lop.

                    NFDLC Best in show Agouti Butterfly U/5 French Lop

                                                   owned by Kellians Stud

                 there Agouti 17 rung Rabbit was Runner up Best in Show

                                                     A huge well done to all.

Best in Show

Best of Breed

French Lop

Butterfly U/5

Kellians Stud

Best of Breed

Dwarf Lop

Rew 17 rung

Bluzak Stud

                                                          French Lop CC winners  

                  Rew 17 rung 

              Rossendale Stud

           Aoc Self Black 17 rung

                    Mrs M Smith

       Agouti 17 rung 17 rung

                Kellians Stud 

     Butterfly U/5 Best French 

                Best in show     

              Kellian's Stud

                    Steel 17 rung  

                  Rossendale Stud

              Aoc Non / Self Opal

                 Rossendale Stud

                                                    Dwarf Lop CC winners

                      Agouti U/5

                  Brewery Stud

                Aoc Self 17 rung

                    Kezick Stud

             Black Otter 17 rung

                     Bluzac Stud

        Agouti Pattern Chin U/5   

                Paula Atkinson

       Butterfly Orange 17 rung

                      Bluzac Stud

                       Steel Adult

                    Starwulf Stud

                  Orange Adult

                  Glen Prentice

                Sooty Fawn U/5

                  Maggie Smith

       Sable/ Seal point 17 rung

                    Neil Jeffries