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Est 1977

  National French & Dwarf Lop Club

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The National French & Dwarf Lop Club

                 Est. January 1977

             Notice Board 

         President Mrs M Cawdron

           Chairman Mrs H Elliott

      Secretary Mrs Paula Atkinson

      Treasurer Mrs Paula Atkinson

Committee. Gemma Bower, Anne Crompton, Arnold Crompton, Hazel Elliott, Sarah Elliott, Peter Faint,Esther Ferro,  Julie Pooke, Susan Stephen, Ros Waring.

     Site updated 18th October 2020

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Paula Atkinson
 S&H Elliott
 Bill Parish
 Lucy Appleton

 Firtree Stud


 Rossendale Stud


 Bluezac Stud


Will Braney

Forever & Solo
  Skipps Stud
  Esther Ferro
  Cole Sargant
 Jack Albans- Marriot
 Ruugal- Ace Stud
 Lorraine Dobson 
 Lily- Bee- Stud
 Maggie Smith
 Jasmine Theobold

        New for 2019 Junior Points

                     well Done Cole

Junior Points 
Cole Sargant
 Lucy Appleton
 Jasmin Theobold
 Dylan Every

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We are based in the United Kingdom. Although the French Lop & it's counterpart the Dwarf Lop have been popular on the continent for many years it was not until the 1970s that they really gained recognition in Britain.

Both Breeds are catered for by one club The National French & Dwarf Lop Club It is the National Club that controls the destiny of both Breeds, being responsible for the Breed Standards, & compiling a list of judges qualified  to judge to those standards. In addition to the National Club there are also Regional Specialist  Clubs / Circles namely the Northern Lop Club. Also the following are Lop Circles. Midland, Southern, Scottish, Welsh, Yorkshire, East Anglia, Devon & Cornwall Lop Circles, who run shows for all the Lop Breeds.

Whilst the two breeds in Britain have one parent club to control their destinies their histories are very different.

                               More about French/ Dwarf Lops

                                     Our secretary 
Paula Atkinson Best in show London 5* show                                             October 2021

                             Any Age Stock Show
Held at The London Show October 9th /10th                                          Judge Hazel Elliott 

Best in Show Agouti Dwarf Lop Kevin Wakefield

Best Dwarf Lop Agouti  Kevin Wakefield

Best French Lop Ag B/F Lorraine Dodson.

           Awaiting Photo

Best French Lop Ag B/F

News July 2020

Never in a million years could any of us have predicted the situation we have all found our self's in.

Things are not looking good for the remainder of 2020. with the sad news that The London has now been cancelled. All we can do is hope that 2021 will bring good news.

I would like to just point out that this is the official web site for the National French & Dwarf Lop club.

We do have a Breeders directory, where members can advertise there Stud, what they Breed in what colours etc. (not individual stock they have for sale.)

We will do our best to direct any enquiries to registered Breeders in your area, who may be able to help. In general members breed to improve on there lines with regard to showing. Breeders are allowed to sell any excess Rabbits for pets. Most do not breed just for pets. Anyone wanting to place an advert on this site,please read the information  on the 

Breeders Directory page

Please take care of yourselves & stay safe.

NFDLC Virtual stock show held in conjunction with The London Champs Show 10th/11th October 2020 Judge Mrs H Elliott.
All Photos by owners,

Best in Show Rew Dwarf Lop Paula Atkinson
Best Dwarf Lop. "Hugo"

Best French Lop Agouti B/F  3rd Best in show Rossendale's Stud's "Bonito"

October 2020 SS Held at The London
Judge Mrs Hazel Elliot

                      French Lop

White Ad (1)                  L Dobson

AOC Self  Ad (1)           W Branney

AOC Self  Ad (1)           W Braney

B/F Ad (6)    1st    Rossendale Stud

                      2nd           L Dobson

                      3rd           W Branney

B/F U/5 (1)                  W Branney

Ag Ad     (7) 1st            M Mansfield

                       2nd    Rossendale Stud

                       3rd           L Dobson

Ag U/5  (4)   1st            L Dobson

                       2nd          L Dobson

                       3rd     Belanevaeh Stud

AOC n/s Ad  1st           THE PROS

        (7)          2nd          M Mansfield

                       3rd            L Dobson

AOC n/s U/5 (1)           W Branney

French Lop Ad Chall.

Rossendale Stud

L Dobson


French LopU/5 Chall

L Dobson

W Branney

W Branney

    AA AV Challenge

Paula Atkinson 


Forever Solo       


Rossendale Stud



                        Dwarf Lop

Rew Ad  (10)      1st        P Atkinson

                              2nd      P Atkinson

                              3rd       P Atkinson

Rew U/5 (3)        1st        L Peck

                               2nd      N Jeffries

                               3rd       L Peck

S/Fwn Ad (2)   1st Forever Solo Stud

                            2nd     Chrysalis Stud

S/Fwn U/5 (2)  1st         Firtrees Stud

                             2nd       Firtrees Stud

Ag Ad    (3)         1st         H Childs

                              2nd       H Every

                              3rd        S Mead

Ag U/5  (1)                        H Every

Aoc Ag patt Ad (4) 1st    A Shahzud

                                   2nd  H Every 

                                   3rd   S Mead

Sab/S/Pt Ad     (3)  1st     L Peck

                                   2nd   L Peck

                                   3rd   N Jeffries

Sab S/Pt U/5 (4)     1st    L Peck

                                    2nd  N Jeffries

                                    3rd  N Jeffries

Or/ Fwn Ad     (1)    Chrysalis Stud

AOS N/S  Ad   (3)1st Chrysalis Stud

                          2nd Forever Solo Stud

                           3rd  Springwood Stud

Aoc N/S U/5 (1)         Bluezak Stud   

Dwarf Lop Chall Ad

Paula Atkinson

Forever - Solo Stud

A Sahazad

Dwarf Lop U/5 Chall

Firtrees Stud

Bluezak Stud

L Peck

London Championship Virtual on line Show 10th /11th October 2020 Judge Mrs E Massey Beeston
All photos by owners.

Best French Lop, Best Lop, Runner up Best in Show
S&H Elliott Steel French Lop

Best Dwarf Lop Rew

Runner up Best Lop 

Paula Atkinson 


                               NFDLC. August 2020
This virtual Show had a twist to it there was in total 8 Judges chosen from the non Breeder panel. Each Judge awarded points to each Rabbit. These points when added together determined the winners. 

Best of Breed French Lop 
Best in Show
S&H Elliot

Best of Breed Dwarf Lop

Charlton Ellul

On the left. Best Junior Cole Sargent

Ag French

Above Best Novice Lilly Jones Junior

St French

Secretaries Report Jan. 2020

Hi Everyone

Had a great weekend at The Bradford again, hope everyone else also enjoyed it, thanks as always to Laura & the committee for all your hard work.

BOB Dwarf lop was my REW & BOB French was Maggie Smith’s Steel Butterfly, they came overall 2nd & 3rd respectively in the Lop Challenge, beaten by the Mini Lop of Forever & Solo Stud, well done to Susan & Jenny,  who where also best lop in the 3* young show with a REW dwarf Lop which went on to win overall BIS Huge Well Done, what a weekend they had!!. A mention also to the orange dwarf lop of Elegante Stud, on the Sunday was Best lop in the International Stakes, eventually ending up 2nd overall, great to see an orange do so well, congratulations to the 3 girls, Jen, Julie & Nat.

AGM was held at Bradford as usual, main issues to come out of the meeting was that we are no longer paying out prize money at our stock shows & we are changing the wording for the steel colour in our breed standard, to allow the light steel colour to be included.

Stock shows all sorted for this year, first one is at Carlisle, Sunday, 8th March, Andrew Beasley judging. Then we have the Spring Stock show at the Southern Champs, Sunday 3rd May, Bill Brake judging.

Young stock show with adult support show as usual at the West Midlands Champs, Sunday 30th August, Jenny Carlile judging, London stock show, Saturday 10th October, Hazel Elliott judging. Last show of the year, the 3 age group Adult Stock show, will be held in conjunction with the Nat Mini 25th Anniversary show, Coventry, Sat 28th November & Garry Richardson will be our judge.

If you didn’t manage to catch me to pay subs at Bradford, you can contact me to pay by bank transfer or send a cheque, unfortunately I don’t do Paypal.

Hope to see some of you at Carlisle, Nat Mini & Northern lop also there, so a good show for the loppers!

Paula Atkinson, Secretary. Tel 07762 668829 or 01942 493658, email paula@sprma.com

All Bradford Photos courtesy of BSLS Thankyou Simon Benyon 

         Bradford Champs Premier 5* Show January 2020
                                            Judge Mr W Brake
                  Best Dwarf Lop                                          Best French Lop
                  Paula Atkinson                                             Maggie Smith
             Runner up Best Lop                                          3rd Best Lop

      Best Ladies Lop Paula Atkinson

           3rd Ladies Grand Challenge

             Best in Show 3* Show                              Forever & Solo Stud 

                                Secretaries Report October 2019

Hi Everyone

By the time you read these notes, London will be forgotten & we will all be looking forward to Bradford in the New Year, just around the corner. London was a fantastic show as always, I judged our stock show with 25 dwarfs & 26 Frenchies, entries down again, but quality in both breeds was there to see. My BOB French & BIS went to a lovely young steel adult, belonging to Sarah & Hazel Elliott, my BOB dwarf & RUBIS went to Forever & Solo stud’s u/5 REW Doe, another lovely youngster from Susan & Jenny. Well done to both mother & daughter teams & also to Cole Sargent once again BIS Junior, this time with a promising young agouti.

Look out for the AGM announcement in the next F&F it will be held at Bradford, as usual on the Sunday morning, all welcome, this is the place to bring up any issues or suggestions you may have re the club. The club stand will be at Bradford as usual, where you can pay subs for 2020.

Our 3 age group ASS will have taken place at Worcester by the time you read this, results in next month.

Hope you all have a great Christmas, see you around the shows.

Paula. Contact me on mobile 07762 668829 (landline 01942 493658) email paula@sprma.com

                               Secretaries Report September 2019

Hi All

We held our Young SS with Adult support as usual at the West Midlands Champ show at Coventry on 25th August, thank you to Sarah for judging the 2 shows for us, & to Chris Baker with his Coventry team for staging the whole event.

Sadly entries dropping again, a total of 22 in each breed entered with quite a few absent on the day, last year there were 35 French & 27 dwarfs entered, again with some absent on the day. Good to see an even spread of REW/agouti/sooties in the dwarfs!

In the YSS BIS & best dwarf went to Bill Parish, with a sooty, RUBIS was my chin dwarf & BOB French went to a new club member, Ruth Sneath, who shows as RugelAce stud, with a REW. That’s a nice first club show for Ruth, well done & well done to Bill, who was also best lop on the 4* show with his other sooty youngster.

In the adult support My REW dwarf was BIS, with his litter mate RUBIS, BOB French went to Junior club member Cole Sargent, with his agouti, the now famous General Falcon, big well done to Cole, who stewards enthusiastically all day, he was Best junior & also overall best junior on the 4* champ show!

On behalf of the club & committee, I would like to thank Bill Parish for all his hard work over the many years in his role as Club Chairman. Bill has been very supportive to myself, as secretary & indeed the previous secretaries, Hazel & Sarah Elliott, he will remain on the committee. Bill has had a few health issues in the last couple of years & he has asked me to thank those who helped him carrying his rabbit boxes at Coventry, after his recent surgery, hoping to see him back to his old self again at London Champs.

I would like to welcome Hazel Elliott as our New Chairman.

Hope to see lots of you at Peterborough in a couple of weeks, looking forwards to judging our next stock show there.

Paula (secretary) contact me on 07762 668829, 01942 493658 or paula@sprma.com

Hi Everyone,

Just about recovered from the busy but fantastic weekend at Bradford! Well Done & Thank you to Laura & the team for all your efforts in making it such a wonderful show, it’s very much appreciated. We had 36 adult dwarfs, 18 u/5s compared to 43/22 last year & 34 adult French, 12 u/5s compared to 32/10 last year. French going from strength to strength in numbers & quality at the moment, there were certainly some magnificent exhibits on show, I think Phil really enjoyed judging them. Very well done to Maggie Smith on BOB adult with her REW, who was also best lop on the international stakes class judged on Sunday, RUBOB & RU in international stakes lop was Rossendale Stud’s steel (Anne & Arnold).  In the dwarfs REW class winner (18 entries) Forever & Solo Stud (Susan & Jenny) were BOB, Best lop & Best ladies lop, for the 2nd year running, finishing 3rd in overall Grand Challenge, amazing result, well done. RUBOB dwarf was the 2nd REW belonging to me, who ended up 2nd best ladies lop 3rd in lop grand challenge & 3rd behind the two frenchies in the lop international stakes class, on the Sunday, so our two breeds did us proud in the adult show. In the u/5 show BOB French was an agouti belonging to Lilybee Stud (Dominique Sargent) & BOB dwarf a REW belonging to Emsleigh Stud (not sure who you are, apologies, as not club members) Well Done to you both.

The club were awarded a certificate for joint best lop breed of the year, for the dwarf lops, we had 10 BIS at open shows in 2018 between us, not bad eh!

AGM held at Bradford, no major issues to report on, just slightly declining numbers at shows, a current trend sadly throughout the fancy. This year’s show dates were in last month’s F&F notes, so I won’t repeat, they can be found on our Website! Next show Carlisle, this month, Peter Faint is now judging instead of Mona, let’s have a good entry, please, the NLOP, Nat Mini & LLUK also in attendance!

Paula Atkinson (Secretary) tel 01942 493658, mob 07762 668829, email paula@sprma.com


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Year Book 2018

Following on from our Anniversary Show held November 2017 celebrating 40 years for the club. Hazel & Sarah have kindly put together a year Book. We hope you all collected yours at the NFDLC Stand. If not please contact our Sec. Paula. I am sure she will post one to you.

Memberships 2018

Just a gentle reminder that all membership are due for renewal every 12 months. I am sure most of you will have taken the opportunity to renew at The Club Stand at The Bradford. Please note all memberships have to be renewed to qualify for points etc. so don't hesitate to contact Paula if you haven't already.

                          Anniversary Show 2017  

The NFDLC held there 40th Anniversary show 19th November 2017

Lots of fantastic Rabbits on display. Champion of Champions was a

                   Young Butterfly French Lop owned by Kellians Stud

      Birthday Show Best in Show Best French, Best Dwarf all CC winners

                                       Birthday Show 


All memberships run for 12 months. from January / December.

Any one who pays after November will be covered for the whole of the following year. Any one paying after March  of the current year will loose there continuous member ship which applies to anyone wanting to ballot for  any Official positions, or to apply to be included in our Ballot for panel Judges. To qualify each member must have been a member for at least 2 years. Breeder Panel 5Yrs.

Also membership needs to be up to date to be included in our yearly points system.

Our stand at the Bradford is a an excellent opportunity to renew each year.